Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dirty Armada - Presale!

Dirty Armada is a book about a lifelong passion. It's my collection of italian metal bands logos, a gathering started when I was 12 years old and that it's not yet over.
It's a book full of pure beauty and metal thrill, a visual study of decades of true underground.
Thanks to the essays by Marcello Crescenzi and Ezio Sabbotigh we are going to take a further ride into our memories or maybe we'll give a name to the people that helped creating a whole imaginery.

The book will be out the 1st October 2011, here you can preorder it at the discounted price of 14€ instead of 20€ (just until the 25th of September). In exchange you will have 260 infernal pages!

This page will be updated with images, infos and dates about future exhibitions. To avoid postage charges you can pick up your copy during the presentations or in berlin.
If you are a distributor please contact me!
claudio.rocchetti [at]

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