Thursday, December 29, 2011

In Zaire in Italia a gennaio!

05-01-2012 arci terminal Macerata
06-01-2012 gabba gabba rock club Taranto
07-01-2012 arci37 Giovinazzo-Bari
08-01-2012 tba Salerno
09-01-2012 perditempo Napoli
10-01-2012 brigadisco cave Itri
11-01-2012 arci dal verme Roma
12-01-2012 arci Karemaski Arezzo
13-01-2012 reasonanz Jesi AN
14-01-2012 sidro club Savignano sul rubicone FC
15-01-2012 galleria AA Venezia

Saturday, December 03, 2011

working on a "reduction" of Thomas Bernhard's "Old Masters"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Musica Moderna

Musica Moderna is a new label run by Claudio Rocchetti and Matteo Castro, focused on field recordings, spoken words, art poetry etc..
first two releases are available now, you can find more infos and sound samples on the website.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dirty Armada - Presale!

Dirty Armada is a book about a lifelong passion. It's my collection of italian metal bands logos, a gathering started when I was 12 years old and that it's not yet over.
It's a book full of pure beauty and metal thrill, a visual study of decades of true underground.
Thanks to the essays by Marcello Crescenzi and Ezio Sabbotigh we are going to take a further ride into our memories or maybe we'll give a name to the people that helped creating a whole imaginery.

The book will be out the 1st October 2011, here you can preorder it at the discounted price of 14€ instead of 20€ (just until the 25th of September). In exchange you will have 260 infernal pages!

This page will be updated with images, infos and dates about future exhibitions. To avoid postage charges you can pick up your copy during the presentations or in berlin.
If you are a distributor please contact me!
claudio.rocchetti [at]

links for more infos:

Friday, August 05, 2011

Rocchetti, Janek and Li Zenghui China tour

this is the tour plan!

august 15 pm 8
fukushima project
with: Stephen Roach, Feng Hao, Liu Xinyu, Yan Jun (no Li Zenghui in this concert)
Treescape Cafe, beijing
free, reservation require:

august 17 pm8
with Li Jianhon (guitar) and VAVABOND (laptop)
2Kolegas Bar, beijing (
RMB 40

august 18 pm8
Yan Jun's living room tour at one audience's home, beijing (no Li Zenghui in this concert)

august 19, pm 9
NOIShanghi no.44
with Torturing Nurse, Yan Jun
696 LIVE, shanghai (A-115, dong jiang wan lu 188)
RMB 40

august 20, pm8
with: Ruan Qianrui (visual), Yan Jun, Mei'er (film)

august 24, pm8
Freedom House, changsha
ticket: ?

august 26, pm8
lisao concert
with: Zenlu, Er Dao
cold tea, shenzhen

august 27, pm 3
with: ?
WOOSA, guangzhou (room 8, lane 5, xi qiao, xiaozhoucun, zhuhai qu)

august 28
ReRecords concert
with: Sin:Ned, Nerve
Osage Open, hong kong

august 30
Annexe Gallery
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

thanks to Yan Jun and Goh Lee Kwang!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Every Live Is Problem Solving

hi all!

my new solo cd, a collection of live recordings, is out now on Silentes Minimal Editions

please write me for orders and info!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Zaire Northern Europe Tour

18.05 berlin DE - rufreaktor
19.05 copenaghen DK - mayhem
20.05 hammenhög SWE- garageprojektet
21.05 malmo SWE- distorsion festival
22.05 kristiansand NO- trashpop charlies bar
24.05 gothenborg SWE- koloni
26.05 stockholm SWE- slakthuset
27.05 helsinki FIN - club libertè
28.05 lathi FIN - telakka
29.05 pilia / rocchetti @ Myymala2 - helsinki FIN

in zaire homepage
facebook event

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Zaire live in Itri

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New recordings

working on new recordings, guitar and feedback pieces.
i'm also trying to focus on the process...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another massive update!

hi all!

almost 100 new titles in list, among them:

senufo editions (oreledigneur, giuseppe ielasi, renato rinaldi, minoru sato...)
holidays records (horrid red, squadra omega, teenage panzerkorps...)
presto!? (von hausswolff, mattin, john wiese, lorenzo senni...)
8mm recs, silentes editions, staubgold, second sleep, herbal international, tulip,
a dear girl called wendy, entr'acte, a silent place, schoolmap, die schachtel...
and many more!

compete list HERE

Monday, March 21, 2011

New In Zaire 12"!!!

hi all!

a brand new one sided 12" is out now on holidays records!!!
it's a limited edition of 285 silkscreened copies, our first recording as a quartet with stefano pilia!

write me for info and orders or visit the label site

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Support Hybrida!

Free Music Impulse è un autoproduzione (stampata in 800 copie) dell’associazione culturale Hybrida di Tarcento (Ud): una doppia compilation degli artisti che nel corso degli anni hanno suonato per Hybrida e hanno risposto al nostro invito a donare un brano per aiutarci a sostenere le spese legali che incombono sull’associazione.
Free Music Impulse è il parziale racconto di questi otto anni: lasciatevi travolgere dal flusso di suoni tra analogico, elettronico, acustico e digitale. Ciò che emerge è il nostro raccolto: una dimensione instabile frutto di scambi, contatti, relazioni che definisce questa creatura ibrida.
La potete ordinare inviando una mail a
Il costo è di 15 euro più spese di spedizione (Italia: 2,50 euro - Europa: 3,50 euro - U.S.A: 4,50 euro).

Free Music Impulse is a self production (edition of 800) of Hybrida, cultural association of Tarcento (UD - Italy). Free Music Impulse is the result of all the bands that have played at Hybrida donating a song to us to help us to pay the legal costs. Free Music Impulse is the incomplete story of these eight years. Let yourself be swept along by the flow of analogical, electronic, acoustic and digital sound. What emerges is our harvest, a unstable dimension that is the fruit of exchange, contacts and connections that define this hybrid creature.
You can order it to The cost is 15 euro plus shipping charges. (Italy: 2,50 euro - Europe: 3,50 euro - U.S.A: 4,50 euro).


Monday, February 21, 2011

Brendan Murray tape on Tulip!

"All The Little Three Inch CDRs Are Dancin' In Heaven, My Dear" is the newest Brendan Murray's tape, available now on Tulip!

write for info and orders!
or go just here: discogs