Tuesday, January 22, 2008

january newsss

hei ho!


--- 24/01 --- Netmage Festival, Bologna --- OLYVETTY (olyvetty.blogspot.com)
--- 31/01 --- Care/OF, Milano --- OLYVETTY (7" release partyyy --- hundebiss rec.)
--- 01/02 --- Santandreadegliamplificatori, Bologna --- solo (+be invisible now!)
--- 02/02 --- officina49, Cesena --- solo (+enrico malatesta)

recordsss out now!

OLYVETTY --- Im leeren --- (7", Hundebiss rec, myspace.com/hundebiss)
OLYVETTY --- new amazing shirt (made by canedicoda)


--- claudio rocchetti, "another piece of teenage wildlife" (cd, die schachtel, die-schachtel.com)
--- hypnoflash ............. (cd-r, troglosound, troglosound.altervista.org)
--- claudio rocchetti "harrisonford" (cassette)
--- hypnoflash/gi joe european tour in march!!!!!!

still fresh:

a. mattin/rocchetti long live anticopyright, death to intellectual property (cdr, troglosound) www.troglosound.tk
b. 3/4HadBeenEliminated theology (cd, soleilmoon) www.soleilmoon.com
c. 3/4HadBeenEliminated the religious experience (lp, soleilmoon) www.soleilmoon.com
d. OLYVETTY as all encompassing as a hole (2xlp picture with engravings, private ed. in collaboration with Xing – www.xing.it)
e. claudio rocchetti these are the days (lp, smallvoices)

pay attention to john garfield!

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