Monday, March 05, 2007

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

1. PowerAntenna (duo with Valerio Tricoli) LIVE!!!

13/03 – Fri-Son, Fribourg (CH)
14/03 – Cave12, Geneve (CH)
18/03 – Ausland, Berlin [with johansson/ankersmit]

2. Crashcars for the ravers dj set (shit'n'noise)

24/03 – Le Petit Mignon, Berlin [supporting -Ciao!Bird (Germany) -Heatsick (UK/Berlin)]

attention! – „Le Petit Mignon will move to a new location in the end of March.
The shop will be closed on the 24th until the event at 9pm/21:00
and for an undetermined period until the reopening. We will let
you know our future address very soon..." Be there!!!!!

3. Zurich Against Zurich „Harsh Dub Box" is out now on LongLongChaney

please visit for info on the incredible strange floppy disk box!!!!! 6 floppy filled with pure and dangerous harsh sound!!!!!

4. [...]

a new creature is coming... be scared!

see ya!

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